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We at World of Retail Services operate world-wide and are always looking for local partners in all countries to realise fascinating projects for prominent retail brands.

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Got your own company? Love your job? Looking for a challenge? And your friends appreciate you for not giving up when the going gets tough? If you are not satisfied until everything is just perfect, if you'd rather work on the solution than on the problem, if you like to take the initiative, can think outside the box, like working in interdisciplinary teams and already communicate with your customers through digital channels, you are a perfect match for our team. As a partner of WRS, we offer you the opportunity to continuously develop your business to achieve your goals.

Projektmanagement par Excellence

What we do

We coordinate "ready to use" shop-in-shop projects for renowned international brands and agencies in the fashion, consumer electronics and beauty and health sectors.


What our partners have to say

We're sure you're looking for eye-level partnership, well-managed projects and a focus on solutions.
Many of our partners know that we do not just talk about it … We really do it.

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